Ref NoDCC/A/9
TitleParliamentary and General Purposes Committee;. Parliamentary Committee;. General Purposes Committee;. Library and General Purposes Committee;. Amenities Committee.
AdminHistoryThe first meeting of the Parliamentary and General Purposes Committee was held on 1 June 1889. The Committee was known as the Parliamentary Committee from 7 November 1890 to 11 February 1911. The duties of the Parliamentary Committee were split between two Committees : Public Health and Housing Committee and the General Purposes Committee. The first meeting of the General Purposes Committee was held on 21 April 1911. In 1911 the duties of the Areas and Boundaries, Standing Orders and Parliamentary Committees were wholly or partly devolved on this Committee. The first meeting of the Library and General Purposes was held on 9 May 1969. As a result of Local Government Reorganisation in 1974 the committee became known as the Amenities Committee The first meeting of this Committee was held on 17 May 1973 in preparation for local Government Reorganisation..
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