Ref NoD-WLC/T/7
TitleHumphrey Weld I's purchase deed of Lulworth Castle Estate, 1641/2.
Descriptionwith 2 copies (one modern); schedule of copyhold estates, with tenants, rents, yearly values etc., to go with purchase deed; release of power of revocation, 1642/3; fine, 1642, exemplified 1645.
The Estate consisted of:-
Manor and farm of Coombe Keynes and lands.
Manor, capital messuage and park of East Lulworth.
Rectory of Coombe Keynes and Wool.
Belhuish Farm (now in West Lulworth).
Coombe woods.
Manors and farms of Burngate and West Lulworth.
Manor and farm of Little Bindon in West Lulworth.
Arable and pasture called Oblands in Coombe Keynes, East and West Lulworth.
Manor and farm of St. Andrews (now in West Lulworth).
Woodstreet Farm in Wool.
Liberty of fishing in R. Frome from upper part of Winford Mead to Wareham Bridge.
Manor, capital messuage, site, park etc. of Great Bindon in Wool.
Rectory of Bindon.
Manors of Wool, East Burton and Winfrith Newborough, Burton Mills, East Burton Farm, another farm in East Burton, capital messuage, farm and demesnes of Winfrith Newborough, and ground called the Sleight, Morely Wood in Winfrith.
Tithe rents out of Bovington Farm, Wool, and West Chaldon Farm.
Hundreds of Winfrith and Culliford Tree.
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