Ref NoD-WLC/F/16
TitleLetters and papers.
DescriptionPapers concerning affairs of:
1-4. Rent rolls of Earl's Irish estates, 1678 and undated
5. Bond of Mary Weld to Helena Barrett, 1679
6. Settlement for securing £6,000 to them (list of estates and values), 1679
7. Bond of Earl, 1680
8. Copy of Charles II's warrant for grant of baronetcy and viscountcy to Francis Taafe, son of Earl. [Unfit for production]
9. Letter from Thomas Lane giving messages from the Earl on his wife's death, ? to William Weld, 1688
10-15. Notes of her funeral expenses, 1688-90
16. Inventory of the Earl's goods remaining with Clare Weld at time of her death, 1691
17. Letter from Eliza. Goode offering service, 1691
18-19. Copy letters of William Willis about debt owed to him as Clare Weld's executor for diet of Lady Rose Taafe, the Earl's daughter, 1691 and undated
20-22. Letters from Phillip Stafford, George Weld's son-in-law, asking for Lady Carlingford's marriage settlement, 1696, with letter of Willis to Stafford about Weld money affairs and lawsuits, Lady Rose's diet etc., 1702/3, containing copy of Willis' letter to Humphrey Weld II, 1701/2
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