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TitlePapers largely about Binnegar in East Stoke: band (Savage, Butler), 1674; articles for lease of Binnegar (Butler, Hobbs), 1682, receipts of rents and disbursements for Binnegar, 1682-1689; J. Ewer's opinion about revivor of a bill after alienation, 1688 (specific case not mentioned); letter from George Savage to Henry Trenchard concerning his brother John seeking post in London and mentioning assignment of Mr. Fill's judgment, 1690; promissory note that when he comes of age Benjamin Butler will release all right to East Binnegar to Henry Trenchard, with letter, 1690; release of payments due from profits of manor of Bloxworth, 1693 (John Savage, Henry Trenchard); defeasance of a judgement by Henry Trenchard against George Savage to secure latter's payment of a yearly sum to Mrs. Dorothy Bowyer and for other purposes, 1693; answer of Thomas Jackson to Richard Roe concerning ejection from property in Bloxworth, Morden, Bere and East Stoke, leased to Roe in 1698: Jackson entered 1701 and did ??40 worth of damage; receipt of Thomas Morgan, 1711; account of what is due on Binnegar, undated but after 1698; lists of judgments in King's Bench and Common Pleas and of writs of scire facias concerning Savage family, undated..
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