Ref NoD-BKL/H/J/6
TitleEgyptian drawings
DescriptionDrawings either done by, or for, William John Bankes during his travels into Egypt between 1815 and 1821. Includes some material dated later relating to those drawings.

This collection is usually made available as digital surrogate images.

Compiled by Daniele Salvoldi in August 2011, widely using the PM Manuscript List, the Transfer List by P. Usick and Dr Usick's PhD Dissertation, deposited within these same papers. Measures are given in millimetres.


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Summary of document types. Non-hieroglyphic inscriptions (Greek, Carian, Latin, Coptic, Demotic, Meroitic, etc.), 67 items. Measured groundplans and elevations, 162 items. Monument & landscape views, 307 items. Egyptian epigraphy, 567 items. Maps, 12 items. Architectural details, 69 items. Anthropology, fauna & flora, 35 items. Objects, statues, 16 items. Notes and rough sketches, 457 items. Total: 1692 items. Author summary. Alessandro Ricci: 358 items (29%). William John Bankes: 331 items (27%). Adolphe Maurice Linant de Bellefonds: 289 items (23%). William Henry Beechey: 124 items (10%). Unidentified authors: 134 items (11%). Total: 1235 items.
Extent1811 documents
AdminHistoryDr Salvoldi identified 1235 items in this part of the collection, but CALM identifies 1713 individual catalogue entries.
The main structure of the Egyptian material catalogue was based on Porter and Moss' Topographical Bibliography of and Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, reliefs and painting (1951). As similar catalogues were done in this manner, the structure is recognisable to Egyptologists. Sections D-BKL/H/J/6/1-20 were initially catalogued by Miss Rosalind Moss sometime between 1939 and 1951. The catalogue structure, and spellings of places, are taken from these listings.
Section D-BKL/H/J/6/21 is a series of manuscripts and drawings which were excluded from the index-list and numbering system made out for the Bankes Mss. in preparation for the Porter and Moss Topographical Bibliography because they did not picture ancient Egyptian subjects. In 1994 some were stored in a box at Kingston Lacy as 'unidentified drawings'; others in a box at Dorset County Archive (now Dorset History Centre) as 'Egypt - unidentified'. The section D-BKL/H/J/6/21/G has been included in the new catalogue of drawings in Patricia Usick's PhD thesis, under 'Material Relating to Nubia and the Sudan from the unidentified Miscellaneous section of the portfolio'.
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