Ref NoD-967/8/1
TitleDocuments relating to the Ecclesiastical Court of Poole (Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdiction of Great Canford and Poole).
DescriptionA lawyer's account for the case of William Cleeves, merchant, against John Phippard, gentleman, in a business of usurping a seal, 1742. Mandate for a visitation by the Reverend Henry Fitch, Principal Official, 1 Jun 1744. Order concerning the sale of pews, 24 Oct 1792. Legal opinion regarding the desirability of securing a licence so that the Guildhall might be used as a place of worship, 9 Jun 1819. Certificate of the churchwardens of Poole that the Guildhall is used as a place of religious worship, with accompanying letter, 12 Jun 1819. Copy of Dr Swabey's opinion concerning allocation of pews in the parish church of St James, 11 Jan 1821. Citation relating to monuments in the new burial ground in the parish of St James, 11 Jan 1821. List of persons cited to appear at the Visitation Court at Canford, 28 Jun 1821. Form of citation against Richard Miller and accompanying letter, 11 Jul 1822. Articles by the Principal official Charles Bowle against James Seager, 28 Aug 1822. Seager against Bowle: copy interrogatories [n.d.] Draft decree of the Principal Official Charles Bowle seeking advice of Dr Swabey on the proceedings against James Manlaws, 25 Sep 1822. Judgement by Charles Bowle, Principal Official, against Richard Miller, Oct 1822? Citation against James Manlaws, mariner, concerning a tomb built by him in the burial ground of St James, 8 Oct 1822. Draft sentence relating to James Manlaws, referred to Dr Swabey for his opinion, 26 Nov 1822. Summary of the appeal by James Seager against the Reverend Charles Bowle, Principal Official, 1823. Faculties relating to "the new burying ground", mentioning Durell, Young, Haley, and Williamson tombs [n.d.]. Plea entered by J Durant, solicitor to Richard Miller, in the case of Bloomfield and Slade against Richard Miller, 2 Dec 1823. Seager against Bowle: copy case and further directions from Dr Swabey, 29 Jun 1824. Draft of appointment of Elizabeth Clements as guardian for her sister Edith Clements, using a document of the Peculiar of Wimborne Minster dated 24 Mar 1787 as a model, with a document recording the proceedings at Wimborne in which application was made for a guardian to be appointed for Jane King, daughter of James King, 7 Jul 1825. Election of churchwardens, candidates being John Adey, John Sydenham, James Tullock, Dennett Lodge, 28 Mar 1826. Letter to William Castleman, Wimborne, from the Reverend P W Jolliffe and churchwardens John Sydenham and John Turpin concerning officials' fees, 18 Jun 1828. Extract from the vestry book concerning fees, 30 Jul 1828 Letter from John Sydenham to William Castleman of Wimborne concerning fees, 30 Jul 1829. Copy of a letter from the Venerable R B Buckle, Archdeacon of Dorset, to the Reverend W B Clarke, Minister of the district Church of St Mary Longfleet relative to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction over that church, 12 May 1837
Extent28 docs
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