Ref NoD-239/T/1
DescriptionMonday before the feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, 33 Henry VI. (2 September). John Stork, Michael Skyllyng, Thomas Halle, Hugh Priour, clerk, to John Beatiscombe. Gift. All lands and tenements which donors held with John Rous, Esq., Thomas Beauchen, Esq., Richard Mayn and William Marchell (now deceased) of the gift of John Chyverell and Walter Bagge, clerks, in the lordship and parish of Symondysburgh. Witnesses: Robert Gappys, Thomas More, John Pokeswill, esquires, William Olyver, William Vyncent. At Veerswatton. Seals: 1) a bird. 2) Missing. 3) Three battleaxes with part of the inscription "Sigillum Thome...." 4) Part seal only. Endorsements: 1) Cart feoffament de Veer Watton fact in Johanni Beatiscomb quarta carta. 2) A writinge of Verse Watton B.B. Transcript and translation of this deed made by Rev. William Pulton of Windsor, 1807).
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