AdminHistoryThe Metropolitan Burials Act 1852 (15 & 16 Vic c.85) was the first adoptive act which encouraged municipal burials. Its success was such that it was soon followed by the Burials (Beyond the Metropolis) Act 1853 (16 & 17 Vic c.134). It was this latter act which was adopted by Wimborne Minster vestry in October 1854 to provide for a burial board which would administer burials within the ecclesiastical parish of Wimborne Minster. The burial ground was opened in 1856. The re-organisation after the Local Government Act 1894 meant that for the purposes of local government administration Wimborne Minster parish became parts of Wimborne Urban District Council, Colehill Parish Council, Holt Parish Council and Pamphill Parish Council. As vestry powers passed to these new bodies the burial board was superceded by the Wimborne Burials Joint Committee, which included representatives from each council. The first meeting of this committee was in March 1895. Holt Parish Council voted to leave this arrangement in October 1900 (see PC/HOT/1/1) and officially left the Joint Committee on 31 March 1902. Holt's own chapel burial ground had been extended in the late nineteenth century [for Holt cemetery records see MIC/R/1111]. The Joint Committee was renamed the Wimborne Cemetery Management Committee in the 1980s.
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